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Gambling & Betting Software Provider and Developer - InBet Company

Title: Gambling & Betting Software Provider and Developer - InBet Company
URL: https://www.inbetgames.com/
Description: Our new retail games such as Skill Ball, Bingo Pilipino, Sea dogs, and other betting products also had fantastic success at the show, as their superb, innovative properties that allow players have more chances to double their wins, greatly appeal to bookmakers striving to increase their revenues. More than 30 3D virtual games on our InbetVPlatform for the displaying on TV – Virtual Football, MotoRace, Horse Racing, Velodrome, and more impressed ICE-2019 visitors with their vivid, bright and stunning graphics and resolution. Moreover, one more fabulous innovation from Inbet that aroused intense interest among visitors of ICE-2019, was our unmatched piece of innovation for retail gaming – Inbet’s omnichannel platform ATOMIC. This tailor-made multiplatform solution merges traditional and internet gambling into one comprehensive enterprise. Using an advanced design, ATOMIC player accounts are integrated into one across all products and channels, while the account is accessible through multiple interfaces. Featuring a wide portfolio of games and extending customers’ playtime far beyond bookshop premises, Inbet’s ATOMIC platform is an unrivaled, effective tool to enhance the volume of a land-based gaming business and boost bookmakers’ profits!