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Private Tours Turkey

Title: Private Tours Turkey
URL: https://turkeytourorganizer.com/
Description: Turkey offers a great variety of outdoor activities to the tourists. Especially Hot air Ballooning has become the most popular outdoor activity of Turkey for the last decade. In fact, hot air ballooning is the most pictured and shared activity of the world. Did you know that a sunrise hot air balloon flight exceeded the skyline of New York? Here is how. Basics of Hot Air Ballooning Hot air ballooning has never been a popular means of transportation. The hot air balloons were used for advertisement in big cities and for sightseeing tours in different parts of the world. It has started because of the same reason here in Cappadocia and today, thousands of tourists only come to Cappadocia region for this unique experience. Hot air balloon flights of Cappadocia are unique because of the shallow flights that can be conducted over the poetic landscape of Cappadocia region. The volcanic landscape of Cappadocia attracts millions of tourists every year and most of them take the balloon flights to appreciate this natural beauty from a totally different perspective. The hot air balloon basket is attached to a basket in which the passengers stand. Propane gas is used as a fuel and burners keep the air in the balloon hot for a smooth flight. Your pilot can control the elevation of the balloon and rotate it during the flight and they are experienced enough for a very safe landing. They fly early in the morning because of the balmy winds of Cappadocia region during the sunrise. You are becoming a part of the wind so not getting cold even in the middle of the winter during the flight. Right after taking off, Cappadocia slowly starts amazing you and you land after falling in love with this lunar landscape.