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EVisa to Sri Lanka for US Citizens

Title: EVisa to Sri Lanka for US Citizens
URL: https://evisame.com/blog/evisa/e-visa-to-sri-lanka-for-us-citizens/
Description: Another thing that you are bound to love when in Sri Lanka, is the local cuisine. The Sri Lankan cuisine is largely influenced by that of the neighbouring country of India, and the dishes allow you to savour the various spices that are grown in Sri Lanka. The delicacies available in Sri Lanka are quite flavourful and there are many colorful curries that are, usually, milder than the Indian curries. Other parts of the Sri Lankan cuisine include a variety of seafood, as well as, fruits that are grown in the tropical climate. Sri Lanka also has a wide diversity of plants and animals, thus, providing you with an opportunity to view all the wonders of nature in one place at one time. The rich and diverse flora and fauna are well-preserved in the national parks and the wildlife sanctuaries that are present in the country. You can see leopards, elephants, deer, bears, boars, wild buffalos, peacocks and many more animals during your stay in Sri Lanka. Apart from the diverse wildlife , Sri Lanka also boasts of an incredible cultural heritage. The Dutch, the British, and the Portuguese, all formed their colonies in the island nation and left behind quite a legacy in the form of their architecture, food, love for cricket and much more.